CHARIS Foundation aims to promote excellence in the fulfillment of one’s duty, virtues in forging one’s character and personal responsibility in the formation of one’s conscience, as long-term and sustainable solutions for our country’s development and its people.


We develop programs and projects to provide an avenue for the youth leaders to apply their learnings from trainings, seminars, conferences, and to encourage them to make social initiative projects as an actualization of their roles in their own organization and create a collaboration with other institution both public and private that are willing to support the similar objectives.


Our volunteers undergo training to develop and nurture their leadership skills to provide high-quality conferences and seminars. 

Strategic Planning

CHARIS CORE TEAM meets regularly with the President, Chris Tiu to plan future events and evaluate previous conferences.

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Team Building

We develop good working relationship with our volunteers through team building activities and celebrations.

Our speakers and facilitators are a group of scholars, young leaders and volunteers from our affiliated schools who aim to foster among its member a spirit of excellence, commitment and service to others.