Youth & Nation Building

Cathleen Esteban   | November 15, 2018

Over 40 Senior High School students all from Cebu attended this year’s Leading Leaders last November 10 in PAREF Springdale, Cebu. Leading Leaders, on its 4th year, have successfully transformed the lives of 150 youths, with the theme of "The Role of the Youth in Nation Building". This year’s conference aims to unleash the leader within these Senior High School students through the various talks and workshop the organization has prepared.

Youth in the Family
Essentials of Leadership
Leadership Bootcamp

Alyana Joy Dalisay, Jake Morales and EJ Agustin were the featured speakers who were all graduates of the University of Asia and the Pacific, shared their insights about leadership, in relation to the role of the youth in nation building.

Between these talks, 4 workshops were conducted by the Charis Facilitators to aid process the participants’ newfound learnings from the speakers, and incorporate them with their experiences in creating an significant output. At the end of the conference, the participants were able to produce their own projects to further improve and/or add the programs that their respective schools currently have.

This one day conference was jam-packed and was full of fun and learning. The participants were also able to widen their relations as they were given a chance to know other participants from different High Schools. The Leading Leaders conference made learning fun and interactive for its participants. Huge smiles, both from the Charis facilitators and the participants could be seen from all over the room.