CHARIS  | December 10, 2013

The Make A Child Smile (MACS) Project started its first set of letter-writing session with the Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital site on December  6, 2013.

Around 150 children, a large number of which are Typhoon Yolanda victims, took part in the letter-writing session. The children were asked to describe their experience during the typhoon.

They were then told to write simple wishes for Christmas. Even if the children were victims of a devastating calamity, they did not lose their child-like enthusiasm and vitality. Most of them played with the CHARIS volunteers who were there to facilitate the letter-writing session.

The day of the actual gift-giving was tentatively set on the 2nd week of January since the Fabella site already has a fully-booked calendar for December. You can scroll down to view some of the photos taken during the letter-writing session in Fabella.

CHARIS volunteers handing out papers to the kids

CHARIS volunteer Jao assisting one little letter-writer in Fabella

CHARIS volunteer Christine having a fun time with the kids at Fabella after the MACS letter-writing session

CHARIS volunteers handing out papers to the kids

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